Friday, October 8, 2010

The B Kids

These kids are fabulous and not to mention beautiful. They are so much fun and have such different personalities. I am lucky to be related to them.
I will start with the last. It is no secret that this little guy has his mom wrapped around his little finger. He is adorable and the last baby of the bunch.
Yep her eyes are really that blue. She has a big personality for such a small thing.
This little guy is somewhat of a poser and a ball of energy. I don't think his mind is ever resting.
This big boy is more of a quiet deep thinker. You know he has something on his mind however he will choose as to when he will grace you with his knowledge.
Ella Bella was such a pretty little baby when I met her and is now a pretty young lady. She has a very big heart and is always wanting to help the underdog.
Last but not least because she is the oldest of the bunch is Jenna. I love this girl. She will always hold a special place in my heart. I am pretty sure she was the first to open her arms out to me when joining this great family. She has also grown to be a beautiful lady.

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